A leading Controlled Release DDS company with a focus to  enhance the value of your existing assets (LCM) by offering superior efficacy and safety profiles, convenient to use, extended IP protection, and combination products

12 years product development effort resulted in rich post-POC pipelines for your fast commercialization

About 200 Subject-Matter-Experts and Scientists globally to help fulfill your unmet needs

Brief Introduction

Main Business
Applying proprietary and conventional technologies to develop new drug products (NDA)

To become a world leader in developing proprietary drug delivery technologies and 
in developing NDA products under 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway

To deliver value added products which are safer, more efficacious and better patient 
compliance to meet the unmet clinical needs

Patient-first, Innovation, Ownership, Courage, Responsibility, Integrity

Provide new drug products to improve quality of life
Provide financial return for the stock holders
Provide a platform for employees to exert talent and to realize their dreams of 
developing new drug products
Provide financial freedom for employees to raise their families

Work mind-set

Find ways to success. Makes no excuses for failure

OPL cares about human health. World sees OPL’s technology