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Career Development Opportunities

Global Regulatory Affairs Director

1.  10 or more years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry dealing with regulatory issues

2.  Experience interacting with cFDAFDA, EMA or other government agencies preferred


3. Strong knowledge of the US/EMA regulatory requirements and legal framework for pharmaceutical products and of industry trends


4. Self-motivated with demonstrated leadership skills. Record of achievement in area of responsibility and demonstrated success in interactions with regulatory authorities


5.  Excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation, and organizational skills


6.  Willing to travel up to 30%

Global BD Director

1.   PhD/MSc. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences or a related discipline, or an equivalent level of knowledge and experience

2.  Over 3 years’ experience in business development in pharmaceutical industry


3.  Or over 5 years’ experience in drug product development, including formulation development, analytical development regulatory affair and quality assurance


4.  Search and identify promising drug products and technologies for license-in


5.  Familiar with domestic and foreign drug companies, select cooperative companies according to company strategy


6.  Willing to travel across countries

Global Medical Affairs Director

1.  PhD/MSc. degree in clinical medicine or a related discipline

2.  Over 6 years’ experience in medical affairs in national key hospitals or over 5 years’  experience in clinical project operation management and team management


3.  Able to search and identify promising CRO, negotiate with them and sign the agreement for clinical study


4.  Able to design and prepare clinical study related documents, including protocol, ICF and IB etc.


5.  Supervise the implementation of clinical study to ensure the quality of data, interpret clinical data and provide suggestions for product development  Write clinical review and nonclinical review of NDA and ANDA submission

Director/VP for Formulation Development

1.  PhD. with 5years or above industry experience

2.  Successful track record of ANDA or NDA product development and able to write Module 3  of application document


3.  Familiar with solid oral dosage form formulation technologies, especially modified release technology or solubility/bioavailability enhancement


4.  Excellent communication, team work and leadership skills


5.  Capable of managing multiple projects and achieving set goals 

6.  Willing to travel up to 30%

Director/VP for Analytical Development

1. PhD. with 5 years or above industry experience

2. Successful track record of ANDA or NDA product development and able to write Module 3 of application document


3. Familiar with analytical development work to support formulation development


4. Excellent communication, team work and leadership skills


5. Capable of managing multiple projects and achieving set goals

6. Willing to travel up to 30%