Overseas Pharmaceutical
OPL welcomes collaboration opportunities with pharmaceutical companies with aspiration to develop new pharmaceutical drug products using our proprietary oral drug delivery technologies,
U-trol®, Mech-trol® and Bi-lock®.
-Co-development of NDA products through 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway.
-Licensing of OPL's proprietary technologies to develop new drug products.
-Licensing of OPL's new drug products at different stages.
-Providing product development services using OPL's technologies and conventional controlled release technologies from formulation development, scale-up and to IND submission.
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MECH-TROL® Technology-Allows the achievement of various release profiles by only varying the processing parameters and it generates release profiles from slow release to faster release, i.e., exponential release.
BI-LOCK® Technology-Generates more physical stable bilayer tablet and enables a combination of two releases from each layer, e.g., immediate release of one layer and controlled release of the second layer.
U-TROL® Technology- Enables a pulsatile releases of multiple APIs in one unit, i.e., release at different starting time, at different rates, to achieve stable plasma concentration. This technology is an excellent solution for combination product with different releases.